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Our Story

Our Story

Our Burritos

Mauro's Kitchen Brand Burrito's have sold over 12 million burrito's!

Types of Burritos We Offer:
  1. Breakfast, Hearty, & Spicy Burritos

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Mauro’s Kitchen began serving customers, June of 2002.
We served the usual favorite Pueblo Fare such as Sloppers, Grinders, Burritos, Tamales and Green Chili.

We decided that since our “ Breakfast Burritos “ were doing so well and were in such great demand, that we should focus solely on building a burrito business.

Soon Burritos were selling so fast that we could not keep up with the demand. We began looking for a commercial kitchen. We needed a facility that could prepare our burritos, with our recipes just like we were doing.

We use 100%, Real Meat, Beans and Cheese – No Soy or Soy Fillers
Our Tortillas are a special recipe for that authentic Home made texture & flavor.

Our Motto:

“ 100% Authentic ingredients – 100% Delicious “

As luck would have it we did find a plant that would make our burritos and was USDA approved. This meant that we could now sell our product wholesale, to stores and restaurants.

Armed with samples, we began seeking out potential businesses that would like to offer our burritos to their customers. We have built a business that we love and that loves us back.

It’s nice to hear someone say, “I had one of your burritos, just the other day, from the convenience store, on my way to work “.

We now have 9 different varieties and have sold over 12 million burritos to date!