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    Enjoy Mexican Frozen Burritos

    You can find our great frozen burritos that are made with the freshest ingredients at many stores near you.

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    Wholesale Burritos

    Buy breakfast burritos wholesale to sell at your restaurant, convenience store, grocery store.

Our Frozen Burritos Are A Tasty Choice!

Mauro's Kitchen Brand Frozen Mexican burritos are a healthy and flavorful option when hunger strikes. We source roasted green chili peppers in our burrito recipes and never compromise on food quality!

  • Fresh Ingredients

    Our burritos are made with the freshest ingredients, and no fillers.

  • Full Meal

    You'll be fully satisfied after eating one of our flavorful burritos.

  • On the Go

    Convenient & healthy to eat on the go with your busy lifestyle.

  • Multiple Choices

    We offer 9 different types of burritos covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Mauro’s burritos Mexican Frozen Food, Frozen Breakfast Burritos, & Breakfast Burritos Wholesale Made In Pueblo, CO

We've all found ourselves rushing to work some mornings, not having any time to eat breakfast. Well, that doesn't mean you have to skip out on eating something healthy. You can try one of Mauro's burritos frozen Breakfast burritos, a healthy and flavorful option to start your day. They're located in a freezer near you at your local convenience stores, grocery stores, and even some food stands. Just search for "Breakfast Burritos near me".

Mauro's burritos has been offering Frozen Mexican Food since 2002, having sold over 12 million frozen burritos! We manufacture them here in Pueblo, CO under strict guidelines to ensure the highest quality product. We even sell Breakfast Burritos Wholesale. For those entrepreneurs out there who want to increase their customer base and profit margins by offering our highly regarded products. We don't use fillers or lower quality ingredients, like many other frozen burrito companies do. We make hearty burritos with REAL INGREDIENTS in them. As a result, our brand name has quite a following.

Real frozen Mexican food is very hard to find these days, especially in your frozen food aisle. We believe our customers should have access to healthy and quick food options. We offer this without compromising on quality, and offer a great price point for our frozen mexican food. Stop by a store near you and buy a burrito today! Or, if your store doesn't offer them yet please tell a manager to start carrying them.

*Mauro’s burritos is owned and managed by Ted and Rebekah Mauro in Pueblo, CO.

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